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Since the beginning of 2006, Domains of all flavors have been increasing in value, from eBay to Namepros to DNForum and throughout and sales venues, premium domains have been bringing impressively higher prices, to the tune of almost a 25% increase in value since January 1, 2006.

Fewer and fewer premium domains ( One Word, 2/3/4 Letter, Generic Type-in, Brandable Domains etc.) are reaching the marketplace, and buyer demand has been strong and growing. Simple economics yields that when demand increases and supply decreases, prices therefore rise, and significantly in this case.

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Recent Top Sales - updated on 14th, Oct, 2006

Click here for your favorite eBay items People always expect sales activity to pick up in the 4th quarter and, for the domain business at least, the early returns certainly look good. We just finished the first full week of the final quarter of 2006 with the strongest slate of sales in more than four months. For the first time since late May, every domain on our weekly Top 20 Chart hit at least five figures. led the charge, changing hands for $350,000 in a private transaction that ranks among the top dozen sales reported this year. The high traffic domain (that scores 3,218 with the extension in Overture) was put up for sale by the Atari Corporation and Murat Yikilmaz of Istanbul, Turkey managed to outbid several competitors to land the coveted name. claimed the runner-up spot with the $70,000 sale of It was a prize-winning week all the way around for Sedo as that popular venue enjoyed one of their best outings of the year, sweeping 10 of the 20 entries on the Big Board. 15 of the charted domains are .coms, while .net claimed two positions and three others went to country code domains. Sedo accounted for one of the .nets and all of the ccTLDs, including #5 at 20,000 ($25,074). They also put two Chinese domains on the top half of the leader board; #9 at 15,000 ($18,806) and #10 (tie) at $18,000.

Enom's Club Drop secured the #3 slot with ("servers" in Spanish) at a healthy $54,100. followed with the first of four domains they placed on the Top 20, at $45,000. and were the only other venues with multiple chart entries, bagging two each and each company put a name on the top half of the list. SnapNames scored with #7 at $20,000, while BuyDomains counterpunched with #10 at $18,000.

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