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Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly does TakeDomain do ?
TakeDomain is the Leading Providers of Premium Domain Names on ebay. Over 500 top domains are sold by us. We represent a quick and easy way for our customers to establish their online identity, whether they simply want to send e-mail branded with their domain name or have a live Web site for their online business.
Why domain name is so important for an online business ?
Domain Name is your brand, your identity, your trademark, and your image on the internet. Customers and individuals will use this web address to visit your website or to contact you through email. You can think of your Web site's domain name as the persona of your online enterprise. Since your customers will equate your domain name with your business for years to come, picking the right domain name can be critical to your success. Your domain name should reflect your company’s name, describe the services you provide, or describe what you sell. Keep your domain name as brief as possible, to make it easy for your customers to remember. The bottom-line is, the simpler you are, the more visible you become! Long and meaningless domain names will kill your credibility. (And online, since nobody knows you, credibility is crucial!) More memorable, marketable and powerful the domain name is, the more traffic, sales and value a website gets, even without any marketing!
Why should I buy from TakeDomain ?
We DO NOT offer meaningless, long, useless domain names, we offer premium domain names ONLY, that is, all of our domain names have following features:
  • better brand image – Our domain names can reflect the name or catch phrase associated with your image. Building your brand through your web site’s name.
  • easy to remember – Our domain names tend to be shorter and easier to remember.
  • improved search engine ranking – Our domain names with keyword phrases can rank better than other domain names.
  • natural click traffic – Many of our domain names for sale get their own natural type in traffic without even needing search engine rankings.
  • investment potential – Like real estate, our domain names on increase in value over time!
Why should I Start an Online Business ?
Our customers come from all walks of life but with a common goal - A Vision to Succeed in an Online Business. It offers the ability to earn income from a large internet market share and a chance to secure your financial future. Additionally, ecommerce platforms offer the opportunity to start small, be it part-time or full-time, at relatively affordable costs when compared to brick-and mortar start-ups or franchises. An Online business thus becomes a considerable asset with low investment.
Do you provide support for the Web Businesses ?
Our after sale customer service is among the best. We offer continuing help even after the sale because we understand that not everyone is “domain savvy” and that customers often have unique needs. We assure you timely responses and assistance as needed. Cstomers that have bought domains from us can attest to our Customer Service.
Do you accept other payment options besides paypal ?
We usually use PayPal to process all our payments. PayPal has an excellent financing program for buyers. We are Paypal verified seller with Paypal buyer protection coverage up to $1,000 at no additional cost! If you prefer other payment options besides paypal, please contact us before placing your BID or using BIN.
Still have questions ?
Don't Wait! You can always contact us on ebay or write e-mail to, We are committed to creating the best customer experience possible and to handling your recent questions quickly and efficiently.
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